Timber Decking

Timber Decking installations in Suffolk Norfolk Essex

During all of our timber decking installations, most of all our decking boards and wood are pressure treated for protection against rot. We can design, supply and consequently install any decking project required.

We have completed a large number of complicated and elaborate decking structures, which often created interesting buildings.  We approach every construction contract in a logical manner, as a result create some buildings as pictured.

Our work takes all over Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. However, we get a lot of work in the Ipswich area.

The gazebo pictured above, arrived as a expensive gazebo flatpack purchase.  The decking was installed with metal post stands, the woodwork was attached with joints and screw.  Then, sealed with a marine plywood roof and tiled for weatherproofing. As a result, a waterproof and durable structure.

Tree house.

The tree house sits on very tall and substantial wooden posts. There is decking with surround rails for safety. The tree house has a heavy wooden frame with weather board walls and topped with a marine plywood roof and standard roofing felt. The vertical windows are fully glazed to keep it safe from the weather. In conclusion, this was an bespoke construction, built for the little children, in addition to the big kids. What a wonderful hideaway.

Decking can be installed using traditional wooden posts embedded in the ground, generally using postmix cement for strength.

If you need decking flush to the ground or existing levels, probably will potentially will be a lot of soil removed which will have to be disposed of in a skip, consequently hired by the customer before the work is initiated, but can be arranged by ourselves, should that be requested.

We take great pride in our professional, courteous, friendly approach, in regard to any work we conduct.  Our aim to complete the work in the prescribed time as per the quote, in a courteous manner and consequently result in another satisfied customer.

We can provide decking in heavy duty plastic materials and normal wood nowadays, with added anti-slip strips, which therefore aids grip in the wet.